Chinese restaurants in Amsterdam


Chang-i (Chinese)


Asia Inn (Chinese)
Chang Express (Chinese)
China (Chinese)
China Corner (Chinese)
Dragon City (Chinese)
Het Oosten (Chinese)
Hing Fa (Chinese)
Hoi Tin (Chinese)
Hong Kong Corner (Chinese)
Kam kee (Chinese)
Kam Yin (Chinese)
Linh Nam (Chinese)
Lotus (Chinese)
Mandarijn (Chinese)
Nam Kee (Chinese)
Nam Kee (Chinese)
New King (Chinese)
Oriental City (Chinese)
Sea Palace (Chinese)
Sin Sin (Chinese)
Treasure (Chinese)
Wah-Nam (Chinese)
Wellcome (Chinese)
Wing Kee (Chinese)


Amigo (Chinese)
Chung Wah (Chinese)
De Pauwen (Chinese)
Kam Yin (Chinese)
Lucky House (Chinese)
Mei Mie (Chinese)
Royal Mandarin (Chinese)
Tai Pei (Chinese)


Tong Ah (Chinese)


Crystal Palace (Chinese)
De Pauw (Chinese)
Fong Long (Chinese)
Mei Wah (Chinese)
New Hong Kong (Chinese)
North Garden (Chinese)
Tong-Chow (Chinese)


De Maan (Chinese)
Fook Sing (Chinese)
Jang Tse (Chinese)
Jumbo (Chinese)
Lin Wah (Chinese)
Wong-Koen (Chinese)


Ah-Sang (Chinese)
Ah-Sin (Chinese)
Asian Kitchen (Chinese)
Canton (Chinese)
China Garden (Chinese)
Choi Lung (Chinese)
Choi Yuen (Chinese)
Chong Hing (Chinese)
Chong Kee (Chinese)
De Asian Plaza (Chinese)
Fook Long (Chinese)
Fook Sang (Chinese)
Golden Corner (Chinese)
Golden Garden (Chinese)
Golden Horses (Chinese)
Golden House (Chinese)
Golden Pauw (Chinese)
Groot Geluk (Chinese)
Halpi (Chinese)
Kam Lin (Chinese)
Kwun Wah (Chinese)
Long Chie (Chinese)
Lung Tin (Chinese)
Mayflower (Chinese)
New Ya Corner (Chinese)
Pagode (Chinese)
Peninsula (Chinese)
Royal City (Chinese)
Royal Corner (Chinese)
Royal Fook Long (Chinese)
San Lok (Chinese)
Tong Fa (Chinese)
Wong Sing (Chinese)


Ah-Lung (Chinese)
Marowijne (Chinese)
Mekong (Chinese)
Ming Dynasty (Chinese)
New China City (Chinese)
New China Town (Chinese)
New Peking (Chinese)
New San Kong (Chinese)
Oceania (Chinese)
Ruby (Chinese)
Sin Ta Wah (Chinese)
Szechuan Kitchen (Chinese)
Tai Hu (Chinese)
Tai Yuen (Chinese)
The Mansion (Chinese)
Victoria (Chinese)
Yade City (Chinese)


Asian Fantasy (Chinese)
China Town (Chinese)
Lucky Garden (Chinese)
Lung Ma (Chinese)
New Fook Long (Chinese)
Sunshine City (Chinese)
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