Italian restaurants in Amsterdam


A Tovola (Italian)
Abe Veneto (Italian)
Il Forno (Italian)
Palorma (Italian)
Praq (Italian)
Teatro (Italian)


Amsterdam (Italian)
Caprese (Italian)
Caruso (Italian)
Cirelli (Italian)
Della Posta (Italian)
Derlon (Italian)
Diga (Italian)
Doria (Italian)
Gerzonis (Italian)
Il Mare (Italian)
La Bettola (Italian)
La Madonna (Italian)
La Piazza (Italian)
Mappa (Italian)
Mille Gusti (Italian)
Nana Gentile (Italian)
Orvieto (Italian)
Savini (Italian)
Spinoza (Italian)
Tartufo (Italian)
Tivoli (Italian)
Vasso (Italian)


Ala Mamma Mia (Italian)
Banco-Solo (Italian)
Basilico (Italian)
Bella Donna (Italian)
Bella Napoli (Italian)
Burger's Patio (Italian)
Capri (Italian)
Carlo Sini (Italian)
Casa di David (Italian)
Cinema Paradiso (Italian)
Clemente (Italian)
Collina (Italian)
Da Antonio (Italian)
Da Noi (Italian)
Del Ponte (Italian)
Goodies (Italian)
Hostaria (Italian)
Il Fiore (Italian)
Il Mare due (Italian)
Il Panorama (Italian)
La Tizane (Italian)
Lagonda (Italian)
L'Artista (Italian)
L'Avista (Italian)
Le Pergola (Italian)
Mazzo (Italian)
Miramare (Italian)
Palladio (Italian)
Pastorale (Italian)
Pepe Pizzeria (Italian)
Pianeta Terra (Italian)
Toscana (Italian)
Toscana (Italian)
Toscanini Caffe (Italian)
Venedik (Italian)


Bice (Italian)
Cucina Tipica (Italian)
Fantasia (Italian)
Mimo (Italian)
Pancake Corner (Italian)
Pasta e Basta (Italian)
Pepino (Italian)
Piccola Roma (Italian)
Piccolino (Italian)
Pisa (Italian)
Pizza Pino (Italian)
Porto Carrara (Italian)
Rimini (Italian)
Sette Bello (Italian)


La Fattoria (Italian)
Rosario (Italian)
San Remo (Italian)
Wilhelmina-Dok (Italian)


Ela Palermo (Italian)
Ferrara (Italian)
Fifteen (Italian)
La Teatina (Italian)
Pescara Pizzeria (Italian)


Felicita (Italian)
Il Boccalino (Italian)
Isola Bella (Italian)
Mascagni (Italian)
Pinoccio (Italian)
Saturnino (Italian)
Segugio (Italian)


Fiorentino (Italian)
La Capanna (Italian)
La Festa (Italian)
Pizza Presto (Italian)
Pizzeria Larende (Italian)
Salerno (Italian)
Trattoria Toto (Italian)


Bella Bista (Italian)
Bellini (Italian)
Canaleto (Italian)
Casa di Angelo (Italian)
Chocolate Bar (Italian)
Dal Barone (Italian)
Donna Pizza (Italian)
I Trulli (Italian)
Il Cavallino (Italian)
Il Ponte (Italian)
Jumeirah (Italian)
l' Angoletto (Italian)
La Favola (Italian)
La Nuova Vita (Italian)
Le 4 Stagioni (Italian)
Pizzeria Sicilia (Italian)
Pompa (Italian)
Roberto's (Italian)
Roma Uno (Italian)


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